Common Questions

Do you have free samples available?

All of our seasonings are made to order and once a batch is produced, the seasonings are poured directly into the jars, then sealed.  Free sample packages sometimes sit, which can be wasteful, and otherwise compromise freshness.  However, if you would like to have a free sample of any of our products, please visit us at a local farmers market location.  Location details will be posted soon.


Why is the seasoning clumping in the bottle?

Clumping in our seasonings is common as there are no preservatives or artificial additives to prevent this natural process.  If clumping occurs for you, just shake the bottle a few times and continue on seasoning!


How should I season? Heavy? Light?

Typically, with low-salt seasonings you can season however you'd like and to your taste.  Deuce's Seasonings are much more dense than salt-based seasonings and the flavor is better spread and saturated when you sprinkle the seasonings, generously.  Because there are only 20mg of sodium per serving (versus 200-300 in average seasonings) the usage will leave you with less "guilt" after creating your meals. Please consult with your physician regarding sodium intake, though.


Do you have any preservatives, MSG or GMO in your seasonings?

Nope! Our seasonings contain none of the aforementioned ingredients and no synthetic, anti-caking additives, either.  When we said "all-natural", we meant it.


When do your seasonings expire?

Our seasonings expire 24 MONTHS after the manufacturer date.  The expiration date can be found on the back of the bottle under the Nutrition Facts.


The seasoning I want is sold out. How do I learn when it is restocked?

If you ever want to know when a seasonings is restocking, subscribe to our emails on the PRODUCT PAGE. You can click on any of our products and subscribe to an item restock, there.